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Marking an Item as Receive Only
Marking an Item as Receive Only

How to mark an item as “Receive only” so it can’t be ordered

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In your venue, you may have some items that you inventory, but don’t want to order. This could be items that you’re phasing out, or bottle / keg deposits.

By marking an item as “Receive Only”, it can’t be added to orders. You won’t be able to see the item on the Orders screen and it won’t be added to your cart if you use any of the pre-fill options.

You’ll still be able to receive it on an invoice, however. For example, if you’ve received kegs of beer and want to add the keg deposits as a separate line item.

WISK Web Portal

To mark an item as “Receive only”:

  1. Place your cursor over the item and click the “Edit” icon

    An arrow points to the "Edit" button beside the item
  2. Click the “Receive only” checkbox

    The "Receive only" checkbox is highlighted for emphasis.
  3. When the box is checked, the item won’t appear on the “Orders” screen

    The "Receive only" box has been checked.

Mobile App

  1. On the "Items" screen, find the item you want to mark as "Receive only" and swipe it to the left.

    An arrow points to the left indicating to swipe the item to the left.
  2. Tap "Edit"

    An arrow points to the "Edit" button.
  3. Scroll down to find the "Receive Only" toggle and tap it

    The "Receive only" toggle is highlighted.
  4. Tap "Save"

    The "Save" button at the bottom of the screen is highlighted.

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