On the Batches and POS Items pages, you can generate a recipe book PDF for individual recipes or a selection of them. You can then print the PDF and distribute it as needed in your venue.

For each recipe, you’ll see the ingredients and their quantities, any allergens, and any preparation instructions that have been entered into the “Notes’ section.

If you have included a reference image for the Batch or POS Item, it will display as well.

An example of a recipe book. It includes the ingredients, amount used, any allergens, preparation instructions, and an image if included.

To generate a recipe book PDF:

Individual Recipe

1. On the POS Items or Batches page, place your cursor over the recipe and click the edit button in the “Ingredients” column

An arrow points to the

2. Click “Actions” > “Get recipe book”


3. The PDF is generated

Multiple Recipes

  1. Click the checkbox beside each item that you want to include in the recipe book

  2. Click the “Get recipe book” button.

Multiple items have been selected and the

3. The PDF with all selected items is generated.

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