With WISK’s accounting integration add-on, you can create GL accounts in your venue and assign them to your invoice items. For more information, please see:

You can then export your invoices to your accounting software of choice (QuickBooks, Xero, Acomba, etc.). 

Additionally, you can access reporting to see entries for each GL account over a selected time period.

As part of the accounting integration setup there is a:

  1. One-time implementation fee to connect WISK to your accounting software

  2. A monthly fee to enable access to GL accounts and exporting invoices

For more information on pricing, please see “Add-Ons” under our pricing pages:

Starting the Integration Process

To start the integration process with WISK, please send a message to support@wisk.ai with the name of your accounting software.

Our team will message you back with next steps and the information required.

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