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Transferring Stock Between Venues
Transferring Stock Between Venues

Use the "Transfer to Partner venue" action to move stock from one of your venues to another venue it's linked with

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If you have multiple venues in WISK and need to transfer stock between them, you must first set them as Partner Venues. Learn how to set up Partner Venues here:

Note: You must have the Admin role in all venues that you want to set as Partner Venues.

When the venues are linked, you can use the “Transfer to Partner Venue” feature to move stock between them.

Note: This can also be done during your initial account setup if you have multiple venues with a shared stockroom. Learn more here:

When you transfer stock between your venues:

  1. The stock is removed from the source venue

  2. A draft invoice is created in the destination venue

  3. The draft invoice must be approved in the destination venue’s account to complete the transfer

The draft invoice lets you review what's going into the destination venue before the stock is affected. You can create new items, or link items in the transfer to existing items. This reduces the chance of creating duplicate items and keeps your item data accurate.

Note: If you want to transfer stock within a venue, please see the Transfers section of our Help Site.

Creating a Transfer to a Partner Venue

Note: At this time, transferring stock between venues is only available on the WISK Web Portal.

To transfer stock between venues:

  1. Make sure you are currently in the venue you want to transfer stock out from. In this example, we want to take stock from our Downtown location to our Uptown location. You can toggle between venues by clicking the venue name on the top left

    An arrow points to the venue selector button

  2. Click Orders > Invoices / Returns on the side menu bar

    The "Invoices / Returns" button is highlighted on the left-hand menu bar.
  3. Click “Actions”, then “Transfer to Partner Venue”

    The "Actions" menu is highlighted and an arrow points to "Transfer to Partner Venue"

  4. In the “Select Distributor” field, type “Linked” to see your list of linked venues and select the venue receiving the transferred items

    The "New movement: Transfer to Partner Venue" window where you select the venue that is receiving the stock.

    Note: If you don’t see your other venues appearing as “Linked with”, you'll need to set up your Partner Venues.

  5. Select the area the items are being transferred out from using the drop-down menu. Click “Save” to create the transfer

    The "Stock Room" area has been selected and an arrow points to the "Save" button

Add Items & Send Transfer to Partner Venue

Next, you’ll add the items that are being transferred out from your current venue to the destination venue. You can transfer full units, cases, and even custom partial values.

Note: Before adding items, make sure that the date and time reflects the time that the items were taken out of the venue. If you need to change the date / time, click into the “Date” field.

  1. Click into the “Add Item” field and start typing the name of an item that you want to transfer

    The "Add Item" section of the Transfer Out section is highlighted.

  2. Click the matching search result to select an item

    Text has been entered in the "Add Item" field and it displays the matching search results.
  3. After choosing the item, select whether you’re transferring full units, cases, or a custom amount. After entering the amount, click the “Add” button.

    The amount of the item has been entered, and an arrow points to the "Add" button.
  4. The item is added to the transfer. Continue to add items as needed

  5. After adding all items, click “Send transfer out”

    The "Send transfer out" button is highlighted for emphasis.

  6. Click “OK” on the confirmation screen. Once the transfers is sent you won't be able to modify it.

    An arrow points to the "OK" button
  7. The transferred items are removed from the current venue’s stock, and a draft invoice is created in the receiving venue. The "Send transfer out" button text changes to "Already sent"

    The transfer shows that is has been sent.

Note: Make sure you have access to the receiving venue, or communicate with your colleagues that you are transferring stock to their venue.

View Draft Invoice in Receiving Venue

To complete the transfer, you must switch to the receiving venue and approve the draft invoice.

To view the draft invoice:

  1. Switch your venue by clicking the current venue name on the top-left of the screen

    An arrow points to the active venue on the top left.
  2. On the window that appears, click the name of the venue that received the transfer out. In this example we're switching to the "Uptown" venue

    An arrow points to the venue to be selected.
  3. Click "Draft Invoices" on the left-hand side menu bar

    The "Draft Invoices" button is highlighted. There is a number beside it showing the number of invoices to review.
  4. You’ll then see the transfer from the other venue. Click the details button to open the draft invoice to review it

    An arrow points to the "Details" button beside the draft invoice.

Reviewing the Draft Invoice

When you open the draft invoice, you’ll see the details along the top, and the items being transferred into the venue underneath.

The date and time is automatically set to when the transfer out was sent, but you can change it by clicking into the "Date" field.

Note: An invoice / reference number is assigned to the transfer automatically

The draft invoice that displays any items that require attention before the transfer can be finalized.

For each item on the draft invoice, it's either:

  • recognized as a match with something in the receiving venue's item list, or

  • highlighted in red and requires action before converting the invoice

Recognized Items

If a transferred item has a match in the receiving venue, no action is required.

The recognized item is highlighted in green

Note: If the venues you are transferring between have a Shared Item list, the items will always match. In that case, please proceed to “Converting the Draft Invoice”.

To learn more about Shared Items, please see:

Unrecognized Items

Sometimes a transferred item isn’t found in the receiving venue, and needs to be addressed before the transfer can be finalized.

You’ll need to either:

  • create a new item

  • create a new item variation, or

  • map/link the transferred item to an existing item in the receiving venue

The purpose of this is to reduce the chance of creating a duplicate item, and keep your item data clean.

Note: You can filter the items to only show the items that need to be addressed.

At the top of the page, you’ll see that the “Convert to invoice” button is greyed out until all items that require action are dealt with.

Create a New Item

If a transferred item isn’t already on the item list of the receiving venue (it doesn’t appear when you type the name in the “Title / Search” field), you’ll need to add it:

  1. Click the “paste” button beside the item name

    An arrow points to the "Paste" button beside the item name.
  2. Click “Search / Add"

    The "Search/Add" button is highlighted for emphasis.
  3. Click "Create new item"

    An arrow points to the "Create new item" button
  4. Check the item details and click "Save"

    An arrow points to the "Save" button

  5. The item is added to the venue’s item list, and is no longer highlighted in red

    The item has been added to the venue and no longer requires attention.

New Item Variation

Sometimes you may transfer an item from one venue to another that is the same, but it’s in a different measurement size. For example, you transfer a 1L bottle to a venue that normally uses a 750ml bottle of the item, or it’s a 2lb bag instead of a 5lb bag.

These items are interchangeable (used in all the same menu items), so instead of creating a new item, you’ll create a new item variation. This way you’re adding the different measurement size to the existing item and any POS Item or Batch recipes are unaffected.

For more information on Item Variations, please see:

We’ll go through an example where we transferred a 1L bottle of an item, but the receiving venue normally carries a 750ml bottle.

To create a new item variation:

  1. Click the "Search/Add" button

    The Search/Add button is highlighted
  2. Type the name of the item you want to create a new item variation for in the Search bar. Click "New variation" beside the matching result. In this example, we’ll find the 750ml bottle of Bombay Sapphire

    An arrow points to the "new variation" button

  3. On the “Item Variation” window, give the item an appropriate title that describes the variation, and check that the item size is accurate. If you need to make changes you can edit the value or measurement type. When finished, click “Save”

    The item variation details have been added and the "Save" button is highlighted for emphasis.
  4. The item variation has been added, and the item is no longer highlighted in red

    The item variation has been added and the item no longer requires attention.

Link with Existing Item

In some cases, you may transfer an item that exists in both venues, but it isn’t being recognized as a match. This is likely due to the items having a different WISK ID, which is a behind the scenes value assigned to items.

In that case, all you need to do is link or “map” the item to its equivalent in the receiving venue.

To link an item:

  1. Check the name of the unrecognized item. In this example, a 750ml of Grey Goose wasn’t recognized in the receiving venue

    The item name is highlighted for emphasis.
  2. Type the item name into the “Item title” field and click the matching result

    The name of the item has been entered in the Item title field and an arrow points to the matching search result.
  3. The item is now linked to the existing item, and is no longer highlighted in red

    The item has been linked with the selected match and no longer requires attention.

Converting the Draft Invoice

When there are no longer any items requiring attention, you can finalize the transfer by converting it into an invoice.

To convert the invoice:

  1. Click “Convert to invoice”

    The "Convert to invoice" button is highlighted.

    Note: This button will be greyed out if there are still items requiring attention

  2. Click “OK” on the confirmation pop-up

    The "OK" button is highlighted.
  3. The transfer appears under the venue’s Invoices. To see more information, click the details button

    An arrow points to the "Details" button beside the invoice.
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