Hands-Free Inventory Counting

If using a supported barcode scanner peripheral, you can count and submit items with minimal interaction with the app

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If you’re taking inventory in an area with the Linea Pro or Socket Mobile scanner, you can count and submit items without having to touch your iOS device. This streamlines the process and can speed up the inventory process significantly.

To begin, enter an area in the iOS app, and make sure that the supported Bluetooth scale is connected if you’ll be counting partial items.

Grab your first item, and then take the following steps depending on whether it is full or partial.

Note: If you don't have a separate barcode scanner, there are swipe gesture shortcuts you can use that may save you time when counting.

Full Units

If counting full units, scan the barcode of the item to call it up in the app.

One Full Unit

If there is only one full unit, scan the barcode of the next item. As it pulls up the next item, it will submit the previously scanned item as 1 unit.

For example, if you have one unit of Campari 750ml, you would scan the barcode. After scanning the barcode, move onto the next item. In this example, there is 1 unit of Bombay Sapphire 750ml beside it. When you scan the Bombay Sapphire, it submits the Campari 750ml as 1 unit.

Multiple Full Units

After scanning the barcode, scan the barcode again equal to the amount of full units (if the amount is greater than 1). Every time you scan the barcode, it adds one unit to the count.

For example, if there were 3 bottles of Grey Goose 1L together, you would pick up one of the bottles, scan the barcode to call up the item, and then scan the barcode 3 times.

To submit the count, scan the next item in the area. It will pull up the item you just scanned, and submit the counts of the previous item (in this example, the Grey Goose 1L).

Partial Units

If counting a partial unit, scan the item and place it on the supported Bluetooth scale. The weight and amount remaining in the bottle will register.

At that point, you have two options:

  1. If there are additional full units of the same item, scan the barcode again equal to the number of full units. For example, if you scanned a partial unit and placed it on the scale, and there were three more full units of the same item with it, you would scan the same barcode 3 times.

  2. If that’s all of that item, scan a different item and it will submit everything that was counted

Two Partials of the Same Item

In the event you have to scan two partials of the same item back to back, scan the first partial and put it on the scale. You’ll then use the touch controls of the app to submit the partial count.

You can then place the second item on the scale and resume using the hands-free features.

Finishing an Area

Since counts are submitted after you scan a different barcode, you’ll have to use the app to submit the count for your final item in the area. This is because there is nothing left to scan.

Scanning Tips

As you start to use the touch-free inventory scanning, take your time and check the app to see how items are counted and submitted. It may take a bit of time to get the hang of it, but your speed will increase as you become more comfortable with it.

If there are items that you know are new to your venue, or items that share barcodes, make sure that you are checking the app periodically for prompts that need to be addressed.

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