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If you remove weight-based items from their original packaging, and place them into containers (sugar, flour etc.), you’ll want to use the Containers feature to get the most accurate measurement when taking inventory with the supported Bluetooth scale.

You’ll add your containers and enter their weights, and when an item in a container is counted during inventory, you’ll place it on the scale. When you toggle the container on, it subtracts its weight and updates the amount.

If you’re keeping items in their original packaging, you can add the full and empty weights of the item so the packaging weight isn’t included (for example, a bag of flour).

Note: If you keep the item in its packaging and add an empty and full weight, you won’t see an option to toggle a container on. If you’re keeping a partial package in a container, remove it from the container and weigh the item in its packaging during inventory.

Creating Containers

You can create containers for your venue in the WISK Mobile App. To create a container:

  1. Tap the "More" button on the bottom menu bar

    An arrow points at the
  2. Tap “Venue settings”

  3. Tap “Containers”

  4. Tap “Add container” if you haven’t added any containers yet. Otherwise, tap the “+” button.

    Arrows point to the
  5. Fill out the required fields (Title, Weight, and Image). You can take a picture of the container, or upload one. Make sure you have an empty container and a scale available so you can record the weight

  6. After adding the required information, tap “Save”

    The container details have been added. Title: Dry Ingredient, Weight: 450g, and an image has been uploaded. The
  7. The container is added to your venue and can be applied to a weight-based item when taking an inventory count.

Using Containers

Note: The Containers feature is only available on the WISK Mobile App at this time.

Inventory Count

To apply a container to a weight-based item that has been called up during inventory:

  1. Place the item in the container on the scale. The value that displays is their combined weight. To get the true measurement for the item, tap “Select container”

    An item has been called up during an inventory (Brown sugar) in the WISK Mobile app. The
  2. Select the container that the item is contained in


    Note: You can also create a container at this time by tapping “Add container”

  3. The weight of the item recalculates to exclude the weight of the container. In this example, we had 1.27kg of brown sugar but with the container applied (that weighs 450g), it is actually 0.82kg. Tap the “Confirm” button to submit the amount

    The container has been applied to the item, and the measured weight of the item subtracts the weight of the container. The
  4. When you review the area summary, it displays that the amount remaining includes a container

    On the

Previous Inventory List

If you have already taken an inventory and used containers on some of your items, you’ll see this on the “List” view when you next take an inventory.

To take a new measurement:

1. Tap the item in the list

An arrow points to the item that was counted with a spout in the previous inventory count.

2. The container is already applied to the item. Place the item on the scale.

The item is called up and the container is already applied to the item.

3. The recorded weight excludes the container. Tap “Confirm” to submit the amount.

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