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What training do you provide?
What training do you provide?

A list of resources and support provided by the WISK team

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To help you learn how to use the WISK platform, we provide the following resources for training and support:

New Customer Onboarding

When you sign up on the Essentials plan or higher, a member of our Customer Success team helps you set up your account.

Through online training sessions and regular check ins, they'll guide you to complete your venue setup checklist.

Once your venue setup is complete, you can join daily training sessions as needed.

Getting Started Guides

To get your account set up and learn the key actions, we’ve put together Getting Started guides for both Food and Beverage account types.

These are collections of articles and videos that take you through each step of the process, and are found on the WISK Help Center.

Venue Setup Checklist

In addition, there's a Venue Setup checklist in both the WISK Web Portal, and mobile app. You can learn more about each step in the checklist by tapping or hovering over the information icon.

Mobile App

When you tap the information icon beside a checklist item, you’ll see an embedded video and a link to an article that goes over how to complete the item.

When you tap the item itself, it takes you to the screen in the app where you can complete the step.

The homescreen of the app with the checklist. The information icon has been tapped, and the video and article link display.

WISK Web Portal

When you hover your cursor over the information icon, it’ll provide a description of the step, and a link to a help article / video if you click "Learn more". Clicking an item in the checklist takes you to the screen where you can complete the action.

The cursor hovers over an item in the checklist and the description displays, along with the link to the article / video.

Tours & Tutorials

We also provide tours and tutorials on both the mobile app and WISK Web Portal. They will trigger automatically based on an action you perform, or when your account reaches a certain milestone (for example, completed two inventory counts).

You can also view a tour or tutorial on demand.

Mobile App

To view tutorials in the mobile app:

  1. Tap “More” on the app home screen

  2. Tap “WISK Academy”

WISK Web Portal

If a page on the WISK Web Portal has a tour, you’ll see a button for it along the top of the page beside the "Contact Us" button.

An arrow points to the "WISK Web Tour" button.

The tour takes you through the page's features and points to additional resources.

Contextual Help Articles

On the WISK Web Portal, you'll see a "Help Page" button on the top of each page.

An arrow points to the "Help Page" button.

Clicking that takes you to the section of the WISK Help Center relevant to the current page. This can be a great jumping off point when wanting to learn more about a specific page and its features.

The relevant WISK Help Center section after clicking the link

Online Training Sessions

We are now offering daily online training sessions.

These "webinar style" sessions aim to solve any quick product-related questions and to further your onboarding experience. Feel free to jump in at your convenience, hear from your fellow restauranteur peers, and learn from our team. If we aren't able to solve your query, we will take it offline to get you a resolution ASAP.

​Please go here to register for a training session.

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