WISK Restaurant - Add Missing Item Details

After adding your items to your account, make sure you've added your costs, distributors, and other details

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With your items added to your account, there are a few key details that you should add to get all the benefits from WISK:




Adding the cost per unit of your products is crucial because it's used to calculate your inventory value, cost of goods sold, plate costing, and more.


Adding your distributors allows you to place orders and add invoices. All of your distributors must be added to your account, and each item must be assigned to a distributor.

Par Levels

To help speed up the ordering process, you can assign par levels to each of your items.

Par levels represent the target amount of stock you wish to have on hand.

Setting your par levels allows you to use the “Pre-fill” options when generating your orders. It will look at your current stock, and add to the order whatever you need to reach the par level.

Stock Alert Levels

If you have high-volume products that you want to make sure you always have in stock, you can set up an email alert to notify you when running low.

When the “Real-time Stock” of an item meets or goes below the “Stock Alert” level that you’ve set, you’ll be notified.

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