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What are Families & Categories?
What are Families & Categories?

An explanation of item Families and Categories and how to view them

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WISK uses a two-level categorization system (Families and Categories) to group items in your venue.

Two items in a venue with their family and categories highlighted.

Depending on whether you’re using WISK Restaurant or WISK Bar, you’ll have different Families and Categories in your venue by default.

Family is the parent group, and Category is the subgroup. For example, Wine is a family, and some of its categories include:

  • Red Wine

  • White Wine

  • Champagne & Sparkling

Families and Categories are important because they determine how your items are organized for inventory reporting, consumption/variance, and ordering.

An example of an inventory where the items are grouped by their family/category.

Can I Change my Families & Categories?

Yes! By default, WISK has preset families and categories, but you can add, edit, and delete as needed to set up what works best for your venue.

It’s fully customizable and can be tailored exactly as you’d like.

Learn more here:

Viewing Families and Categories

You can see the current list of Families and Categories in your venue on the:

WISK Web Portal

To view your families and categories on the WISK Web Portal:

1. Click “Items”, then “Families & Categories”

An arrow pointing to "Families & Categories" on the side menu bar, under "Items".

2. You’ll see a list of all the item families in your venue

The item families on the WISK Web Portal.

3. Click a family to expand it to view the categories

The "Liquor" family has been clicked to expand and display the categories beneath it.

Mobile App

To view your families and categories on the mobile app:

1. Tap “More” on the bottom menu bar

An arrow points at the "More" button on the bottom menu bar.

2. Tap “Venue Settings”

An arrow points to the "Venue Settings" button on the "More" screen.

3. Tap “Families & categories”

An arrow points to the "Families & Categories" button on the "Venue Settings" screen.

4. You’ll then see all the existing Families and Categories for the venue

The Families and Categories screen on the mobile app.

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