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Batches - POS Item Mapping & Variance

How to use batches in POS Mapping, and how they appear on the Variance

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When you have a batched item, you may have multiple POS Items that use it as an ingredient. You can now search for the batched item and add it to that POS Item instead of adding it individually.

In this example, we'll use the Negroni batch that we set up in the "Creating Batched Drinks" article.

Adding a Batch to a POS Item

To add a batched item to a POS Item:

  1. Click into the “Ingredients” column of the POS Item

    An arrow points to the "Ingredients" column of the POS Item.
  2. Click into the “Search for ingredient” field and type the name of the batched item

    The "Search for ingredient" field is highlighted for emphasis.

  3. Click the search result that matches the batched item (in this example, Negroni Batch 750ml)

    An arrow points to the "Negroni Batch" matching search result.

  4. Enter the serving size/amount used and click “Add”

    3 fluid ounces of the Negroni batch have been added and an arrow points to the "Add" button.

  5. The item is added to the POS Item, and the Profit, Cost, and Cost Percentage values update

    The Profit, Cost, and Percentage columns all update to reflect the added ingredients.

Batches on the Variance Page

After completing the mapping and taking an inventory counting your batches, your batches are converted back into their base ingredients on the Variance page/report.

Note: The batched item itself does not appear on this page, because it has been converted.

In this case, the Negroni batch is converted back into the following: Hendrick’s Gin, Campari, and Martini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth Red.

The amount that displays in the Sold and Consumed columns includes what was in the batch.

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