Editing POS Items

How to add, remove, or change the amount of an ingredient in a POS Item

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If you need to adjust the ingredients in your POS Items, you can do so in the WISK Web Portal.

The main reason to edit your POS Items is to correct any errors you might’ve made when adding your recipes initially.

If you’re editing a POS Item because the ingredients or their amounts have changed, we recommend creating a new button in your POS if possible.

This is because when you update a POS Item, the changes apply to all historical sales data as well and may produce variances in past inventories. For example, if you switch the brand of vodka you use in one of your cocktails, it will apply the new vodka to the historical sales data.

By creating a new button in your POS, you’ll be able to preserve your historical data if you need it.

Editing a POS Item

  1. On the left-hand menu bar, click "Sales" then "POS Items"

    The "POS Items" button on the left side menu is highlighted.
  2. Hover your cursor over the POS Item you want to edit and click the pencil icon in the "Ingredients" column

    An arrow points to the Edit button for the POS Item.

Changing the Amount of an Ingredient

To change the amount of an ingredient, click into the Serving Size column and select a new serving size from the drop down menu. You can also select “Custom”, and then type the new amount in the quantity field.

The "Serving Size"column has been clicked and an arrow points to the correct serving size for the item.

After making the changes, the Profit, Cost, and Cost Percentage amounts update:

The quantity used has updated, and the profit, cost, and cost percentage values have updated.

Adding an Ingredient

To add another ingredient, click in the “Search for ingredient” field and type the name of the item you want to add to the POS Item. Select from a predetermined serving size, or add a custom amount.

The area to add new ingredients is highlighted on the POS Item.

Removing an Ingredient

To remove an ingredient, hover your cursor over the ingredient and click the blue arrow, then “Remove”

The cursor is over the item and a blue arrow appears. It has been clicked and an arrow points to the "Remove" button.

Note: All changes to the POS Item are saved automatically.

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