If you’re using the List view, remember that it shows the items you submitted in your previous inventory, in the order you submitted them.

If an item wasn’t counted in an area in the previous inventory, it won’t appear in the list.

This could be because you were out of stock of the item, or you received a new product after your most recent inventory.

To count the item, you can switch back to the barcode scanner, and scan the barcode of the item, or you could use the Search/Add button to search your venue's list of items.

GIF showing ways to count an item that isn't on the previous inventory list.

Note: If you type the name of an item that was not counted in the most recent inventory into the "Search by inventory order" search bar, it will show no results and prompt you to use the "Search Add" button.

You can also count an item by tapping the “View by inventory order” drop down, and switch it to “View by items categories”.

GIF showing how to scroll through your item list.

Find the item in the list by scrolling or searching, add the count, and swipe it in. If you need to add partial units, tap the item.

Note: If you can’t find the item in the search, use a broader search term. The name of the item in WISK may be different from the shorthand way you refer to it at your venue.

Additionally, if you’re searching for a new item, it should’ve been added to your venue list when you added the invoice. After your initial venue setup, you should only be adding new items to your venue via an invoice. If you aren’t adding invoices, your consumption data won’t be accurate.

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