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Entering an Item Weight Manually During Inventory
Entering an Item Weight Manually During Inventory

If you don't have a supported Bluetooth Scale model, you can still input the weights of items manually

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If you don’t have the supported Bluetooth Scale, you can still weigh your partial volume and weight-based items by using any scale and inputting the value manually during an inventory.

Note: This will take longer than using the supported Bluetooth scale, which records the weights automatically. To purchase a supported scale, see:

Entering a Weight Manually

Partial Volume Item

To enter a partial volume item weight manually:

  1. Scan an item or pull it up using the search/list

  2. Tap the area under the item image

    An arrow points to the area that shows the weight reading.

  3. Select the units (g, kg, lbs, or oz) and enter the weight

    The pop-up to enter the weight appears

  4. Tap “Done”

    A value of 1000g has been entered and the "Done" button is highlighted

  5. The amount remaining in the item displays. Tap “Confirm” to submit the count

    The amount remaining in the item (371ml) displays, and it is converted the portion of a full unit.

Weight-Based Item

Note: In some cases, you may have items that exceed the maximum weight capacity of the supported Bluetooth scales (11 lbs, 5kg). You'll need to use a scale that supports the weight, and enter the value into the app manually.

  1. On the "Weight" tab, tap the drop-down menu under the item image to change the unit of measurement if needed

    An arrow points to the unit of measurement selector

  2. You can select from select from Gram, Kilogram, Pound (Lb) or Dry Ounce. In this example we'll leave it on Pound (Lb)

    An arrow points to "Pound (Lb)" from the list

    Note: If you select a unit of measurement different than the default unit of measurement for the item, it remembers that selection the next time you count that item in the same area.

  3. Tap the field beside the unit of measurement and enter the weight

  4. After entering the weight, the "Confirm" button shows the total count. In this example 1.85lbs of red onions converts to 0.37 of a 5lb bag. Tap "Confirm" to submit the count

    1.85 lbs has been entered, which converts to 0.37units of a 5lb bag
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