Adjustments are a flexible feature to track anything going out of your inventory that is not a return to a distributor.

You can learn more about adjustments here.

Adding an Adjustment - App

Creating the Adjustment

1. Tap the “More” button on the bottom menu bar

2. Tap “Movements”

3. Tap “Add Adjustments”

4. Enter the Adjustment Info. Select the area where the item will be removed.

5. Select the Adjustment Reason. If your venue doesn’t have any reasons, or you need to add a new one, tap “Other”

6. If creating a new reason, type the name of the reason and tap “Done.”

7. After selecting your reason, tap “Done”

8. Tap “Continue” to start adding items to the adjustment

Adding Items to the Adjustment

With the adjustment created, you can now add items to it.

When adding an adjustment in the mobile app, it sets the date and time of the adjustment to the present. If you need to adjust the time, you can edit it on the WISK Web Portal after you add the items in the app. Learn how here.

1. In the area, find the items you need to add to the adjustment. You can scroll through the list of items or use the search. Tap the + button to add the number of full units, or tap the number to input the amount.

Note: You can only add full units in the app at this time. If you need to enter a partial amount, please use the WISK Web Portal instead.

2. When you have added all of the items in the adjustment, tap “Summary”

3. Tap “Submit Items”

4. Tap “Confirm”. The items are then removed from your venue.

After adding the adjustment, learn how it affects your data.

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