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How to Delete / Archive an Invoice, Return, Depletion or Transfer
How to Delete / Archive an Invoice, Return, Depletion or Transfer

How to remove any of these stock affecting actions from your venue

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If you need to archive an invoice, return, depletion, or transfer, you can do this in the WISK Web Portal or the mobile app.

Anything that is archived will be excluded from all calculations in the venue.

Items are archived instead of deleted so they can be restored easily if they were removed by mistake.

To restore an archived action, see:

WISK Web Portal

  • For Invoices / Returns, go to the Orders > Returns / Invoices page

  • For depletions go to Inventories > Depletions

  • For transfers, go to Inventories > Transfers

  1. Click the “Details” button beside the Invoice / Return / Depletion / Transfer that you want to archive

    An arrow points to the "Details" button beside an invoice

    Note: If you want to archive more than one action at a time, click the checkboxes beside each one and click the "Archive" button that appears.

  2. Click the “Actions” button, then click "Archive" from the drop-down menu

    The "Actions" menu has been clicked and an arrow points to the "Archive" button.
  3. It is now archived, and doesn't appear with the rest of your data. It may take a few moments for your venue's data to update.

    The Invoice now displays as archived.

Mobile App

Note: you can only archive invoices in the mobile app. If you need to archive a return, depletion, or transfer, please do so on the WISK Web Portal.

  1. Tap "Orders" on the bottom menu bar

  2. Tap "Invoices History"

    "Invoices History" is highlighted on the Orders screen.
  3. Swipe the invoice you want to archive to the left

    An arrow gestures to swipe left beside an invoice.
  4. Tap "Archive"

    An arrow points to the "Archive" button that becomes visible.
  5. Tap "Archive" on the confirmation screen

    The "Archive" button is highlighted

  6. The invoice is now archived

    The invoice is now gone.

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