If you need to archive a saved inventory, you can do this on the WISK Web Portal or the mobile app.

Archived inventories are excluded from all calculations in WISK. Nothing is ever deleted completely in the event that you need to restore it.

You would typically archive an inventory if the counts are inaccurate, and have no way of providing an accurate count if you were to edit the inventory.

Note: If you need to cancel or restart an ongoing inventory, please see here.

WISK Web Portal

1. From the Inventories page, click the details of the inventory you wish to archive

2. Click “ Actions”

3. Click “Archive”

Mobile App

  1. From the Inventories Tab, tap “Edit Inventory”
  2. Swipe the Inventory you wish to archive to the left
  3. Tap “Archive”
  4. On the confirmation screen, tap "Archive"

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