Sometimes you will find that you have duplicate items in your Venue Bottles. This can throw off your consumption and variance because they exist as two separate items in the system.

In this case, you will want to merge the bottles into one. By merging the bottles, it combines the current stock count, and all historical information (previous inventories etc).

Selecting Bottles to Merge

To merge bottles on the WISK Web Portal:

  1. Go to the Venue Bottles or Variance Page
  2. Search for the duplicate bottles
  3. Click the checkbox beside the bottles you want to merge
  4. Click Merge Items.

Bottle Details

A screen displays showing the output bottle on the left, and the two bottles to be merged on the right-hand side. You can toggle between the two bottles, and click the paste button beside a field  to have it transfer over to the output bottle.

WISK will automatically populate the fields for the output bottle, but scroll through and review the information to make sure.

Merging the Bottles

To complete the merge:

  1. Click “Save”
  2. A confirmation screen appears, click “OK”.

Note: Merging items is permanent, always confirm you have selected the correct bottles before completing the merge.

After you have confirmed the merge, it may take a bit of time depending on the amount of historical information to combine. When finished, you will see one bottle, with the updated information and stock count.

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