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Troubleshooting Stock Errors / Negative Consumption
Troubleshooting Stock Errors / Negative Consumption

Correct any potential stock errors before submitting your inventory to get accurate consumption data

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Stock errors occur when stock of an item increases between inventories without an explanation. Possible reasons include:

  1. Forgot to add invoices during the inventory period

  2. Added an invoice but the date and time was incorrect

  3. An item in your inventory was miscounted

Add Invoices

Make sure to add all of your invoices to WISK. Even one missed invoice can create a stock error when you're submitting your inventory. 

To resolve, check for any open purchase orders and receive them if they have been delivered to your venue. If there are no open orders, but you did receive stock, add an invoice, and date it for before the inventory start time.

Incorrect Date & Time

When adding your invoices, make sure you enter the correct date and time they were received. This way they apply to the correct inventory period.

The start time of your inventory count is considered the cutoff point for an inventory period.

When adding an invoice, it puts the current date and time by default. Make sure you adjust it to reflect the time it went into your venue. Otherwise, it may apply to a different inventory period, and make your consumption inaccurate.

To learn more about editing an invoice date/time, see:


If the count for an item is inaccurate, your consumption is also inaccurate. The best time to correct a miscount is when reviewing your count before submitting it.

The second best time is immediately after submitting the inventory because you can still get a true count. You can edit the inventory to update the amount:

Common causes of miscounts include:

  • Missed stock in a location

  • Submitted a count as cases instead of units or vice versa

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