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What is a Stock Error?

When submitting an inventory, you'll receive a stock error notification if any items increase in stock without a reason to account for it.

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What is a Stock Error?

A stock error is whenever a count for an item increases from one inventory to the next, without an invoice to account for the increase. Another name for this is "negative consumption".

Consumption = (Beginning Count + Invoices) - Ending Count

This can also be because of a miscount from a previous inventory, or an error when adding an invoice.

Inventory Review Screen

When submitting an inventory count, you're notified of any stock errors.

2 examples of stock errors on the "Inventory Review" screen. It shows that the count for these items increased with no reason to do so.

To see just your stock errors, you can toggle on the "View stock errors" filter.

An arrow points to the view stock errors option

Note: Don't worry about stock errors for individual areas, for example, "Main Bar". You should only be concerned with a stock error if it shows on the "Inventory Review" screen like in the example above.

In our example, the Molson Canadian could've:

  1. Been counted incorrectly in the Previous Inventory

  2. An invoice for this item was not added or was dated incorrectly

A closer view of the Molson Canadian Lager stock error.

For the Pelee Island Shiraz Cabernet, it shows there was a delivery/invoice, but it is possible it was received as 1 unit instead of a case. 

A closer view of the Pelee Island stock error.

Investigating Stock Errors

Having a stock error won't prevent you from submitting the inventory, but you should take steps to correct it before you submit, or immediately after the inventory.

To learn more about investigating and fixing stock errors, see:

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