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Scanning a Barcode Not in Your Venue Items
Scanning a Barcode Not in Your Venue Items

What happens when you scan the barcode of an item that isn't in your venue's list of items

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During your inventory, if you scan the barcode of an item that is not currently in your venue's Items, the following may occur:

  1. The barcode is recognized in our online database and the item is added to your venue

  2. The barcode isn't in our database, and you can assign it to an existing item, or create a new one.

Recognized - in WISK Database

If the barcode is recognized,  the item is added to your venue's item list and you can count it.

An animated gif showing an item being added to the venue.

Note: If you scan an item, and it pulls up an item that is different from what you scanned, you can edit the item information.

Not in WISK Database

If you scan a barcode, and it isn’t in the WISK database, you’ll need to either:

  • assign the barcode to an existing item

  • search the online database to find a match

  • or add the item manually.

Note: If you’re in an area with no network connection, you won’t be able to search online.

  1. Type the name in the search field, if it appears in your Venue items, tap it to add the barcode to it

  2. If the item isn’t in your current Venue items, tap "Search Online". If you see a result that matches, tap the item to add it to your venue

  3. If there isn’t a match, tap “Add item” to add it manually

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