Volume-Based Items (ml, oz, etc.)

How to count volume-based items when taking inventory

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Volume is the primary unit of measurement for all of your liquid inventory items. If using WISK Bar, the majority of your items will be measured by volume.

This includes the following units of measurement:

  • Milliliter

  • Liter

  • Fluid Ounce

  • Gallon

  • Quart

  • Pint

During an inventory count, you can submit volume-based items as full or partial units.

Full Units

For full units, you can submit them as individual units and/or cases:

  1. Tap the + buttons to add an amount for units and/or cases. You can also tap the number in between the buttons to type in the amount if it's a larger amount

  2. The counted amount displays on the "Confirm" button. Tap it submit the count

    Note: If there is no case size set for the item, you can tap the pencil icon on the top to add one.

Partial / Open Units

To count partial units, you can use:

  • a supported Bluetooth scale

  • the visual mode

  • or enter a custom amount

Bluetooth Scale

To get more accurate measurements of your partial items, you can use a supported Bluetooth scale. For a list of supported scale models, see:

  1. Make sure the "Scale" tab is selected and place the partial item on the scale (if there is no full weight on file for the item, it’ll prompt you to add one)

    The "Scale" tab is highlighted for emphasis
  2. The app displays what's left in the item based on the weights on file. It displays as ml or oz depending on your preferences

    The item has been placed on the scale and displays the weight in grams, and converted to a volume of 7.4oz
  3. Tap confirm to submit the count

    An arrow points to the confirm button.

Note: Always make sure that what displays on the confirm button matches what you see in person. If you place a partial unit on the scale, and the amount remaining in WISK doesn't appear correct:

  • Make sure the scale is on a flat, level surface

  • Check that the full weight on file for the item is correct by weighing a full unit

For more information about what to do if the reading on the scale appears incorrect, see:


If you're weighing an item and the cap has been replaced by a spout, you can add a spout and enter its weight.

The weight of the spout is subtracted from the reading on the scale. To learn more, see:


To use the visual method:

  1. Make sure the "Visual" tab is selected and tap how much of the item remains using the point system

    An arrow points to the 70% button.
  2. After tapping a %, it calculates an estimate of how much remains in the item. Tap confirm to submit the count

    The "Confirm" button is highlighted for emphasis.


This option allows you to enter an exact amount remaining in the item. Only use this if you have a way of knowing exactly how much is inside (pouring into a measuring cup, or using a tool that can track exactly how much of something was poured, etc).

  1. Make sure the "Custom" tab is selected and tap the unit of measurement selector

    The "Custom" tab is highlighted and an arrow points to the unit of measurement selector.
  2. Select the desired unit of measurement from the list

    An arrow points to the "Fluid Ounce" unit of measurement.

  3. Input the value and tap confirm

    8 oz has been entered and an arrow points to the Confirm button.

Counting Tips

You can add partial and full units at the same time. For example, if you had a partial unit and a full unit right behind it on the shelf, you could weigh the partial and add the full unit and tap Confirm.

You should only submit items together if they are physically grouped together in your venue. Otherwise, you should scan and submit them separately.

WISK adds up the total count at the end, and having separate submissions makes it easy to review everything you've counted as you work through the space.

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