If your POS is not integrated, you can still upload your sales data into WISK. 

If you have two or more completed inventories, you can upload your sales for a specific inventory period.

  1. Go to the Variance Page on the WISK Web Portal
  2. Click on Actions > Upload Sales Manually
  3. Click the link to download the template
  4. Copy your sales data into the template. The template has 4 columns you need to fill out: Item, Name, Qty, Total (*see below for column descriptions)
  5. When the template is complete, go back to the Upload Sales Manually page and select the date range for the sales.
  6. Click Browse to find the file to upload.
  7. Click Upload
  8. Refresh your browser, and the sales data will appear.

Note: If you upload the sales for a period and notice you forgot to include something, just add it to the template and re-upload it. Re-uploading the sales for a period overwrites the existing data.

Template Columns

Item - The PLU Number or code of the item in your POS. **If your POS doesn't have PLU numbers, you can put the same data that would go into the Name column.

Name - The name of the item as it appears in your POS

Qty - The total quantity sold. This number should include comped items as well.

Total - The net sales for the item overall. (If there are commas in the number formatting, the sales will not upload properly)

Example -

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