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How to view your inventory report after completing a count
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After completing an inventory count, you're emailed a copy of the report. The report contains the total value of your inventory, and a summary of each item.

You can also view your completed inventory on the Inventories page of the WISK Web Portal and download extra report formats.

Email Report

The emailed inventory report sends to each user set to receive it. You can manage this under Venue Settings. Learn more:

Note: If you didn't receive the inventory report, please see these troubleshooting steps.

There are two pages on the inventory report, Summary, and Data.

Summary Page

This page provides a high-level summary of your items, displaying:

  • Inventory start and end time

  • Total stock level for each Family / Category

  • Total value for each Family / Category

Note: The Families & Categories varies depending on whether you are inventorying food or beverage items.

Beverage Example

The "Summary Page" of an emailed Inventory report for bar / beverage.

Food Example

The "Summary Page" of an emailed Inventory report for restaurant / food

Data Page

This page provides more detailed information for each item in your inventory. Items are grouped by Family and Category, and for each item it displays:

  • Product Name

  • Item Size / Format

  • Unit Cost

  • Stock Level (units)

  • Stock Level (in the item's Unit of Measurement)

  • Value (based on item cost)

Beverage Example

The data page of a bar/beverage inventory.

Food Example

The data page of a restaurant / food inventory

Note: The emailed inventory report shows your total counts across the entire venue. You can see the counts per individual area on the Inventories page of the WISK Web Portal.

If any of your Unit Costs are missing, you can add them on the Items page on the web or app:

When you add your missing costs, you can generate a new copy of the report to get an accurate dollar value of your inventory.

Inventories Page

You can view your completed inventory counts on the Inventories page of the WISK Web Portal.

  1. Click "Inventories" then "Inventories" on the side menu bar

    An arrow points to the "Inventories" side menu button.

  2. Place your cursor over the "Details" column of a completed inventory and click the "..." icon

    An arrow points to the "..." details button.

By Item

By default, it shows you the inventory breakdown by item. You'll see the total value of the inventory, and for each item the quantity and the $ value. Items are grouped by Family and Category.

The view of an inventory by item. It shows the total dollar value of the inventory and the counts for each item.

If you mouseover an item count, it shows you the count by area:

The cursor has been placed over the "i" icon beside an item count and it shows a breakdown of where it was counted.

By Area

If you want to see your items separated by area, click the "By Area" tab on the top of the page.

An arrow points to the "By Area" tab.

You'll see your inventory areas and everything that was counted in them. For each area it shows the total number of items and the $ value.

The items are displayed by the areas they were counted in.

If you only want to see a specific area(s), you can filter them by using the "Filter by area" drop-down. You can select more than one area.

An arrow points to the "Filter by area" drop-down menu.

Other Reports

To download additional reports, click the "Actions" button.

The "Actions" button has been clicked and it shows the available options.

Download Spreadsheet - the emailed inventory report

Download Spreadsheet By Area - a modified version of the inventory report that shows item counts per area

PDF - a PDF version of the emailed inventory report

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