To keep your data accurate, you must start and finish your inventory in a period where there are no sales of product in your venue.

If you start an inventory, and are unable to finish it, follow these steps to restart it:

  1. Tap "Join Ongoing Inventory"
  2. Swipe a saved location to the left
  3. Tap "Restart"
  4. On the confirmation message, tap Restart.
  5. A message displays, saying the location count is being restarted
  6. The location now shows as "Not Started". Tap the back arrow
  7. A message displays, saying the inventory is being cancelled.
  8. Tap "New Inventory"

*NOTE - The user that started the inventory has to be the one to cancel an inventory. Otherwise, you can clear the locations and edit the Start Time.

If you wish to restart the entire inventory:

  1. Tap Inventories
  2. Swipe "Join Ongoing Inventory" to the left
  3. Tap Cancel
  4. Tap "Cancel Ongoing Inventory"

This clears everything that you have saved in the ongoing inventory, allowing you to restart.

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