To keep your data accurate, you must start and finish your inventory in a period where there are no sales in your venue.

Canceling an Ongoing Inventory

If you start an inventory and are unable to finish it, follow these steps to cancel it:

  1. Tap "Inventories" on the bottom menu bar

  2. Swipe "Continue Ongoing Inventory" to the left

  3. Tap "Cancel"

  4. Tap "Cancel Ongoing Inventory"

Note: This clears everything that you have saved in the inventory so far.

Restarting an Inventory Area

If you need to restart the count in an area:

  1. On the screen with your list of areas, swipe an area to the left

  2. Tap "Restart"

  3. On the confirmation message, tap Restart.

  4. The area now displays as "Not Started"

Note: Restarting an area will erase everything you have submitted so far in that area.

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