Importing your sales data into WISK allows you to see your variance, the difference between what was sold and what was actually poured. Variance is one of the most valuable features of WISK. 

For each of your bottles, we can tell you how much you sold, vs how much you consumed after each inventory. This will help you spot any potential inventory issues, including overpouring or theft.

In order to see an accurate variance, you need to make sure you are performing regular inventories, adding all of your deliveries into WISK, and uploading your sales information into WISK.

There are 2 ways to get your sales information into WISK:

  1. Integrating your POS 
  2. Manually uploading your sales

Integrating your POS

WISK integrates with a number of POS systems. You can check out our list of POS Integrations here.

There are two ways to integrate your POS with WISK:

  1. An automated night email of sales / product mix in XLS or CSV format sent to We need at a minimum, the plu_number, item name, quantity sold, and net sales
  2. Direct API to pull sales data in real-time

Manually Uploading Sales

If your POS isn't on our list of integrations, you can manually upload your sales into WISK while we pursue the integration.

Please see here for instructions on how to upload your sales information.

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