STEP 1: Identify the cocktail for a Batch

Go to and click on the POS item you wish to designate as a batch. Click on the Batch checkbox and click Close. 

This is used to determine the ratio of ingredients for the batch. In this example, each ingredient makes up a third of the batched item.

STEP 2: Create the bottle for your batch

Go to and click on Actions and Create new bottle. 

STEP 3: Enter the bottle details

  1. The name of the cocktail
  2. The size of the bottle you are using (please keep the same size bottle)
  3. Category is Coolers and Pre Mixed Drinks

STEP 4: Show batched in your Venue Bottle listing

  1. Search for the batch bottle you just created
  2. Click on Columns on the right side
  3. Click on Batches

STEP 5: Set your cocktail to the new Batch Bottle

Click on the cell under Batches beside the listing for the bottle and select the cocktail associated. (If you don't see the batch you just created, please refresh your browser).

This step links the ratio of ingredients to the bottle you created. In this example, since the Negroni ingredients were all a third of the batch, a 750ml bottle of Negroni would be made up of:

  • 250 ml Bombay Sapphire
  • 250 ml Martini Rosso
  • 250 ml Campari

You would then count the batched bottles in your inventory. When viewing your variance, it converts the batched bottle back into its base ingredients so you will see your overall usage of each ingredient.

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