On Mobile App

STEP 1: Select the bottle you need

  1. Go to Venue Bottles
  2. Search and tap on the bottle you need to edit

STEP 2: Go to the edit screen

  1. Tap on the Pencil Edit icon
  2. Tap on the field you want to edit, in this case weight

STEP 3: Make the necessary edits

  1. Swipe left to delete any weight entries that are incorrect
  2. Tap on the + to add a new weight
  3. Enter the weight of the bottle, or just weigh the full bottle using the bluetooth scale
  4. Tap "Add Full Bottle Weight"

STEP 5: Tap Save


On the Web Portal

STEP 1: Go to https://web.wisksolutions.com/venue/bottles and go to the bottle you wish to edit

Hover your cursor over the bottle name and then click on the Pencil Edit icon.

STEP 2: Change the information

  1. Scroll down to Weights
  2. Click on x beside the weight(s) that seem inappropriate and add your own in grams
  3. Click on Save
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