Making sure that your intakes and inventories line up properly is essential to avoid faulty consumption data.

When you receive stock on the same day as an inventory session, you have two options.

  1. FIRST do inventory (do not count the bottles you just received), THEN process your intake. Since this new order has not yet been marked as received by WISK, you do not consider them to be part of your inventory yet.
  2. FIRST process your intake, THEN do your inventory (must include all the bottles you just received). Since the bottles were already marked as received in WISK, they must be included in the subsequent inventory.

We recommend Option #1 to save you time and effort.

Note for Option #2: if you process your intake, then do not also include all those items again in your inventory, the system will think you have consumed them in the time that has passed between the intake and the start of the inventory session.

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