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Should I add an invoice before or after an inventory count?
Should I add an invoice before or after an inventory count?

How to enter an invoice If you receive a delivery on the same day you're taking inventory

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Adding invoices at the right time is essential to having accurate consumption data. Whenever you receive a delivery, make sure you set the date and time of the invoice to when the delivery was unboxed and placed with the rest of your stock.

But what if you receive stock the same day that you're taking an inventory count?

When you receive new stock on the same day as an inventory session, you have two options:

Option #1 - Take Inventory then Add Invoice

Take your inventory count, but leave the delivery boxed up. Don't include it in the count. After submitting the inventory count, now add the invoice/unbox the items and set the date as the current date and time.

The items from the invoice are then added to the stock count that appears on the WISK Web Portal and mobile app.

Option #2 - Add Invoice then Take Inventory

Alternatively, you can add the invoice first and put the items from the delivery with the rest of your stock.

When taking the inventory, make sure to count the items you just received from the invoice.

Note: We recommend Option #1 because it requires less effort. If you add the invoice before the inventory (#2), you need to make sure to include those received items in the inventory count. If you take the count, then add the invoice (#1), the stock count will be accurate.

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