View Open Purchase Orders

To add an invoice from an order you generated in WISK:

1. Click “Orders”.

2.Click “Purchase Orders”.

3. You’ll then see a list of your purchase orders.

For each purchase order, you’ll see the name of the distributor, the total value, the date it was generated, the email sent status (if you emailed the order to the distributor), and then the Invoice Status. In this case, we’re interested in any purchase orders that are showing as “Not received”.

4. To add the invoice, click the details button (the 3 dots) beside a purchase order.

5. In the purchase order window, click “Actions”, then “Generate invoice”.

Invoice Details

A window then opens where you will add some details about the invoice.


You’ll need to select an area where the items from the invoice are being added. Click the “Area” field and select from your list of areas. If items were put into multiple areas, select the most applicable one.


By default, it populates with the current date and time, but if you need to backdate the invoice, you can click the date field to adjust. The time should reflect when the items from the invoice were unboxed and placed with your other stock. After changing the date and time (if needed), click OK.

Generating the Invoice

After adding the area and date, you can also add the invoice number and total. These fields are optional.

Once you’ve added the invoice details, click “Okay”. You’ll receive a message saying the invoice has been generated, then click “View Invoice”.

Adjusting the Invoice

When you have converted the order into an invoice, make sure that the information matches the paper invoice that you have received.

You can adjust the units and the cost for each item. For example, if you ordered 3 units of this item, and only received 2, you can make the change by clicking the units field and putting the new amount, and the total updates. If the price of an item changed, you can click in the price field and change the value so that it matches the paper invoice.

If you didn’t receive an item at all, you can click the arrow beside the item and click "Remove".

You can always view the original purchase order by clicking “view order” if you need to refer back to it.

As you make any changes to the invoice, they save automatically.

If you took pictures of the invoice, you can upload them by clicking “Add Image”.

Adding Additional Charges or Credits

If you wish to add any taxes or delivery fees to the invoice, you can learn more here:

Invoice Received

Once everything looks correct, you can close the invoice window (every change you make saves automatically).

You’re then prompted if you would like to send a confirmation email about the invoice being added.

You’ll then see on the purchase orders screen that the status of the order shows as received, and the invoice appears on your Invoices / Returns page.

Confirmation Email / Difference Report

The confirmation email provides a summary of everything from the invoice.

Below the summary, It notes any differences in quantity received vs quantity ordered and price changes.

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