Unlocking an Inventory Count

How to unlock an inventory count to edit or add missing data to the inventory period

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When an inventory count is submitted, there is a window to make changes and add any missing data (invoices, returns, depletions, etc).

At the end of that window (45 days by default, but this can be adjusted), the inventory is locked and no further changes can be made. To learn more, please see:

If an inventory count is locked, but you need to make changes to it or the inventory period, users with the "Admin" role can unlock the inventory.

Unlocking an Inventory Count

Users with the "Admin" role can unlock an inventory on the WISK Web Portal.

To unlock an inventory count:

  1. On the "Inventories" page, click the "Details" button beside an inventory with the Locked status

    An arrow points to the details button beside a locked inventory count
  2. Click Actions > Unlock

    Note: This is only visible to "Admin" users in the account

  3. The confirmation window explains that by unlocking this inventory, any other inventories from the date of this count to the present will also be unlocked. In this example, we are unlocking the Feb 19 inventory, and there is a locked inventory from Feb 26 after it. By unlocking the Feb 19 inventory, the Feb 26 inventory is also unlocked. Click "OK"

  4. The "lock" icon disappears and you can now edit the inventory. When an inventory is unlocked, it's scheduled to lock again after 3 days. You can adjust this in the venue settings if needed

    Note: Click the "Timeline" tab to see who unlocked the inventory and when

  5. When you close the inventory window, you'll now see the status as "Unlocked". Any other locked inventory counts taken after this one are also unlocked

At this point you can now make changes to the inventory, or add any missing data (invoices etc.) on either side of the inventory count.

In this example we unlocked the Feb 19 inventory, so we can add any missing information to the period between Feb 12 - Feb 19 up until the present.

In other words, we can edit any data after the last locked inventory (Feb 12 in this example).

Note: The inventory count locks automatically after the scheduled time, unless you lock the inventory manually. To learn more, see:

Adjusting the Locking Window

Unlocking an inventory is always a temporary measure to update your data. When you unlock an inventory, it's scheduled to lock again automatically.

By default this is set to 3 days, but you can change it in the venue settings.

To change the locking window:

  1. Hover your cursor over your username on the bottom left, and click “Venue Settings” on the menu that appears

    An arrow points to the "Venue Settings" menu option

  2. Click into the "Days to lock inventory after unlocking" field and enter a new number of days

    The "Days to lock inventory after unlocking" field is highlighted for emphasis.

    Note: This value can only be set as days and has to be a minimum of 1

  3. Any inventory counts you unlock after making this change are scheduled to lock with the updated window. The scheduled locking date doesn't change for existing unlocked inventories.

Unlocked Inventory Impact

The most important thing to know about unlocking an inventory count is that it forces a recalculation of your variance data.

Be careful when unlocking an inventory count because it applies the latest POS Item mapping and batches to the unlocked inventory periods.

To minimize the impact on your data, avoid unlocking more inventory counts than necessary.

Ideally, you're able to get all your data in before the initial locking window to make sure everything's in place to have accurate historical reporting.

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