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Sales Not Importing - API Integration

What to do if you receive a message about your sales data not importing

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If your POS integration with WISK is via direct API, our system attempts to retrieve your latest sales data at regular intervals.

If there are multiple failed attempts, it may indicate a larger issue, and the integration is temporarily halted until it can be investigated.

When this happens, you'll receive an email notification asking you to contact our Support department. Simply respond to the email and provide any necessary context.

The source of the issue may be from the POS Provider, WISK, or even with your onsite terminals or internet connection.

Once the source of the issue has been identified and resolved, the integration will be resumed.

POS Integration Error Message

If your POS integration is halted, you'll receive this message via email. Please respond and provide any relevant information (for example if your venue has a sustained internet outage), to ensure the quickest resolution.

Our team is also notified when your integration is halted, but if there is an issue onsite we won't have the full context.

POS Integration Error - Sales Import

Venue: Example Venue

POS Type: examplepos

There is an issue preventing the import of sales data into your account.

Due to repeated unsuccessful attempts to retrieve sales data from your POS system, we have stopped all further attempts until the issue is resolved.

For the quickest resolution, please reply to this message to alert the Support team.

We’ll review the logs to determine the error’s source and how to resolve it.

POS integrations are complex and this issue could be caused by various factors, including:

  • A hardware issue / internet outage at your venue

  • An expired authentication token

  • A recent change or issue from either WISK or your POS provider

Note: If your venue is experiencing a hardware issue or internet outage, please let us know when resolved and we’ll attempt to import sales data again.


Once we've determined the source of the issue we'll take the required actions to resolve. This could involve contacting the POS provider directly, or adjusting some settings on our side.

We'll keep you updated along the way and let you know when the connection has been restored and pulling your latest sales data.

List of API Integrations

The following POS systems integrate with WISK via API:

  • Aldelo

  • Aloha NCR (via Omnivore)

  • Brink (via Omnivore)

  • Clover

  • Cluster

  • DinerWare (via Omnivore)

  • Doshii - ArzPOS (via Omnivore)

  • Doshii - H&L (via Omnivore)

  • Doshii - Impos (via Omnivore)

  • Doshii - Starrtec (via Omnivore)

  • Doshii - TriniTEQ (via Omnivore)

  • Easygoband

  • Fudo

  • Heartland

  • Kounta (by Lightspeed)

  • Lavu

  • Lightspeed K Series

  • Lightspeed L Series

  • Loyverse

  • MobileBytes

  • MobiPOS

  • MYR POS (formerly Koomi)

  • Oracle Hospitality - Micros 3700 (via Omnivore)

  • Oracle Hospitality - Simphony1 (via Omnivore)

  • Oracle Hospitality - Simphony2 (via Omnivore)

  • POSitouch (via Omnivore)

  • Silverware

  • Square

  • Squirrel (via Omnivore)

  • Toast

  • TouchBistro

  • Veloce (API)

  • Vendus

  • Xetux

  • XPIENT (via Omnivore)

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