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How to add import fees for venues based in Quebec

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In Quebec, alcohol can only be ordered through the SAQ. However, there are agencies that work with them to import items outside the SAQ’s product offering.

When these items are ordered, the SAQ issues an invoice with the cost of the items, and the agency sends a separate invoice with their fees.

If your venue is in Quebec and you want to include the fees in your item costs, you can enable the “Price Fee” setting.

This allows you to add the fee to the cost per unit of the item and is used for calculating inventory value and menu item costs.

Enabling Price Fee

To enable the “Price Fee” setting:

  1. On the WISK Web Portal, place your cursor over your user name on the bottom left and click “Venue Settings”

    The "Venue Settings" menu option is highlighted for emphasis
  2. Click the “Price Fee” checkbox - this is only visible if the province is set to Quebec

    The "Price fee" checkbox is highlighted for emphasis.

  3. The “Fee” field now appears on the Items page

    The "Fee" field is highlighted for emphasis

Adding Fees

When adding the fee, you'll enter the fee per individual unit.

To add a fee to an item you can either:

  1. Click the pencil icon beside an item and enter a value in the "Fee" field or

    The fee field has a value of $5 added to it on the Edit Item window

  2. Click into the "Fee" column and enter the amount

    The "Fee" column is highlighted and shows a value of $5

Inventory Value

After adding the fee, the value of the inventory updates to include it.

In this example the item has a cost of $15 per unit, and a fee of $5 per unit.

Before Adding the Fee

The item cost shows as $15 on the inventory before the fee is added.

30 units of the item were counted at $15 per unit for a total of $450.00.

After Adding the Fee

After adding the $5 fee, it shows the inventory cost as $20

The $5 fee is added to the inventory cost per unit, making the item $20 per unit. The 30 counted units now show for a total of $600.00

Note: When you add or update a fee for an item, it applies to all past inventories. Make sure you have a downloaded copy of any previous inventory reports before making changes. The fee is applied at a high level and isn't compatible with historical item costing at this time.

POS Item Costs

Similar to inventory, when you add a fee to an item, this updates the cost of all menu items using it on the POS Items page.

Before Adding the Fee

The POS Item cost displays before the fee has been added

The selling price of the item in the POS is $40, and the cost is $15 per unit.

After Adding the Fee

The cost increases to account for the fee being added.

The cost of the item now includes the $5 fee, making it $20 and the profit and cost percentage values have updated.

Price Fee History

To keep track of changes to an item's import fees, you can check the item's timeline. Click the pencil icon beside an item to open the edit window and click "Timeline"

An arrow points to the "Timeline" tab

Type "fee" in the search field and it shows you all actions related to the fee.

"Fee" has been typed in the search field to show all entries related to it
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