Reactivating a WISK Subscription

How to reactivate your WISK subscription if you were a previous customer

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When a WISK subscription is cancelled, at the end of the billing period all users lose access to the linked accounts.

The data in the accounts is kept for 60 days until it is deleted by the system.

If you previously had a WISK subscription and wish to reactivate your account, please contact our Sales team.

  • If your subscription cancelled less than 60 days ago, your account can be restored

  • If your subscription cancelled more than 60 days ago, you'll need a new account

Venues with No Active Subscription

If you log into a WISK account without an active subscription, you'll see a message saying this venue is deactivated.

Note: If you have access to multiple venues, each with separate subscriptions, you can still switch between them. Venues with active subscriptions are still accessible.

WISK Web Portal

If you switch to an account without an active subscription, you'll see a link to book a call with our Sales team. You'll also find a link to our latest pricing information.

The screen that displays if the venue doesn't have an active subscription.

iOS App

When you switch to an account without an active subscription in the iOS app, it directs you to the web for next steps.

The screen that displays in the iOS app when there is no active subscription

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