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Copying Batches to Other Venues (Shared Items)
Copying Batches to Other Venues (Shared Items)

How to copy batches from one venue to another if they share an items list

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Note: Shared Items / POS Items are a legacy feature that has been replaced by a new copying feature and aren't used in new venues.

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For multi-venue setups that have Shared Items, but not Shared POS Items, you can copy batches from one venue to another.

This allows you to create batches in one venue, and populate them to the rest without having to manually set them up in each venue. When copying, you can choose specific batches, or select all of them.

If you select a batch that contains one or more other batches, those are also copied automatically.

Note: Copying batches only creates them in the selected venues if they don’t already exist. If you change a batch in one venue later, you’ll have to modify it in all venues manually.

To learn more about Shared Items and Shared POS Items, please see:

Note: For venues with Shared POS Items, batches are shared across all venues by default

Copying Batches

  1. On the WISK Web Portal, click Sales > Batches

    The "Batches" menu option is highlighted for emphasis.
  2. On the Batches page, click the checkbox beside each batch you want to copy to another venue. In this example we’ll select the 10” Pizza Dough

    An arrow points to the checkbox beside the 10" Pizza Dough batch

    Note: To select all batches, click the checkbox at the top of the table

  3. On the side menu that appears, click the “Venues” drop-down

    The "Copy to venues" section of the side menu is highlighted for emphasis.
  4. Select the venues that you want to receive the selected batches. You’ll only see venues you have access to that share the same items list

    An arrow points to the available venues that can be selected
  5. After selecting all venues, click the checkmark button

    A venue has been selected and an arrow points to the checkmark button
  6. Click “OK” on the confirmation screen. As a reminder, This creates the batches in the selected venues, but won’t update them if they already exist

    An arrow points to the "OK" button on the confirmation window
  7. The selected batches are copied to the selected venues. If those batches contain items that weren't previously active in the selected venues, they are set to active

Checking the Copied Batches

To see the copied batches:

  1. Switch the current active venue by clicking the venue name on the top left

  2. Select a venue that received the copied batch(es)

    An arrow points to the venue to switch to
  3. Go to the Batches page. In this example we copied the "10” Pizza Dough" batch. Since that batch also contains a batch that converts Olive oil from volume to weight (ml to g), it created it too

    The batches appear in the venue that didn't previously have any
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