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Add items / item variations to your order guide to generate orders quickly and make sure your team is ordering the correct items

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If you place orders of a specific group of items regularly, or have preferred item variations/purchase formats that you want to order, add them to your venue’s Order Guide to speed up the process.

When you add items to your order guide, you can filter the “Prepare Orders” page to only show those items.

Note: You can still order items that you haven’t added to the Order Guide. This just makes your preferred items easier to find and add to your order.

Add Items to Order Guide


To add an item, or a specific item variation to the Order Guide:

  1. Place your cursor over the item and click the pencil icon

    An arrow points to the pencil icon beside an item.
  2. If the item has variations, select a variation

    The "Item Variations" for the item are highlighted for emphasis.
  3. Click the “Order guide item” checkbox

    The "Order guide item" box is checked.
  4. The item is now added to the Order Guide.

Note: To remove an item from the Order Guide, click the checkbox again


To add multiple items / item variations to the Order Guide at the same time:

  1. Go to the "Items" Page

    The "Items" side menu button is highlighted for emphasis.
  2. Click the "Items (By Variation) tab"

    The "Items (By Variation)" tab is highlighted

  3. Every item in your venue displays. Click an item to expand it and see all the item variations. Click the checkbox beside each item / item variation you want to add to the Order Guide. After making your selections, click "Mark as order guide items" on the side menu.

    The checkboxes beside items / item variations is highlighted for emphasis, and an arrow points to the "Mark as order guide items" button.

    Note: If you want to remove items from the Order Guide, there is a "Remove from order guide items" button underneath.

  4. Click "OK" on the confirmation pop-up

    An arrow points to the "OK" button.
  5. The items are added to your Order Guide

Filtering by Order Guide Items

To filter your items by those on the Order Guide:

  1. Go to the “Prepare Orders” page

    The "Prepare Orders" menu option is highlighted for emphasis.
  2. Click the “Predefined filters” drop-down menu and select “Order guide items”

    An arrow points to the "Predefined filters" drop-down menu.
  3. Any items that you have flagged as an “Order guide item” appear and you can add them to your cart

    All items flagged as "Order guide items' display.

    Note: The distributor pre-fill feature doesn’t currently support adding only Order Guide items. For the best results, add each item on the order guide individually either by entering an amount in the “Quantity to Order” field, or clicking the shopping cart icon beside the suggested order based on your par.

    The "Based on your par" and "Quantity to order" fields are highlighted for emphasis.

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