How to Integrate Tevalis POS

How to set up a daily sales report email from Tevalis POS to be sent to [email protected]

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To import your Tevalis sales data into WISK, complete the following steps:

  1. Set up Sales by Product Email Report

  2. Notify WISK Support

Set up "Sales by Product" Report Email

In this step, you’ll set up a daily automated sales report email from Tevalis sent to [email protected].

Add New Email Report

To add a new automated email report:

  1. Go to in your web browser and log in with your email and password

    The Tevalis customer log in portal.
  2. Under “My Modules” click Business Analytics

    An arrow points to the "My Modules" button.
  3. Click “Report Automation” on the bottom right of the screen.

    The "Report Automation" section of the page is highlighted for emphasis.
  4. Click “Emails” on the side menu bar

    An arrow points to the "Emails" button on the side menu bar.
  5. Click “Add New”

    An arrow points to the "Add New" button.

Enter Email Report Details

After clicking "Add New", enter the details about how and when the report is sent.

  1. Under "Create a New Auto-Email", select/enter the following options:

    • Email: Enter “[email protected]

    • Name: WISK Reports

    • Frequency: Daily

    • Active: Yes

    • Sites: Select the site / venue you want to send sales data from

    • Attach File Type: Excel

    • Show Multi-Site Summary: No

    • Profile: No Profile

    • Time to Run From: 06:00:00

  2. Under "Email Report Settings", select the following options:

    • Product Types: All items checked

    • Currency In: Base Currency

    • Money in Net: Yes

    • Site Setting: Single Site Per Report

    • Export Z Report Image: No

    • Export System Journal Logs: No

  3. Click "Reports", and under "Sales Reports" click the "Sales by Product" checkbox

    An arrow points to the "Sales by Product" report in the list of options.

  4. Click "CSV Reports" , and under "Sales CSV Export", click the "Sales by Product" checkbox

    An arrow points to the "Sales by Product" report in the list of options.
  5. Scroll back up to the top of the page and click "Save"

    An arrow points to the "Save" button.
  6. You’ll see a confirmation that the email report has been added, and it appears under “Emails”

    The new report appears under emails in the Tevalis portal.

Notify WISK Support

Once you've set up the automated daily “Sales by Product” email, please contact us via the in-app chat or at [email protected] to let us know. We’ll set up the import process when we receive the first report.

You’ll receive an email notification that the integration is complete when the sales are uploaded for the first time

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