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For each distributor, you can generate purchase orders automatically either:

  1. After completing an inventory count

  2. At a scheduled date & time (coming soon)

After an Inventory Count

To set a distributor to generate a purchase order after completing an inventory count:

  1. Click “Items” > “Distributors” on the side menu bar

    An arrow points to "Distributors" on the side menu bar.
  2. Click the “Details” column beside a distributor

    The button in the "Details" column is highlighted.
  3. Click the “Auto ordering” checkbox

    An arrow points to the "Auto ordering" checkbox.

When you complete your next inventory count, a purchase order for that distributor generates automatically. It adds any item assigned to that distributor with stock lower than your par level.

When the purchase order is generated, you receive an email notification.

You can follow the link in the email, or go to the Purchase Orders page in the web or app.

The purchase order hasn’t been sent to the distributor yet, and you can make changes before sending it.

At a Scheduled Date & Time (Coming Soon)

This feature is in active development and will be available soon.

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