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Adding Costs

After completing your first inventory, you'll have the counts of your items, but won't have the total dollar value just yet.

To get the total value, you need to add the costs of your items (the amount you pay from your distributors). You can enter missing costs on the

  • WISK Web Portal

  • mobile app

  • or upload our template

If you select "Add missing costs" from the setup checklist, it takes you to the Items page and filters your items without costs. As you enter costs, items disappear from the list.

For more detailed information about adding costs, including how to add a cost per case, and how to use our spreadsheet to add multiple costs at once, please see:

Add Distributors (Optional)

In most cases, when adding your item costs, you'll also know the distributor you purchase it from.

You can add distributors to your account and assign them to your items. You can even add the distributor's unique ID codes to them.

To learn more, please see:

With your distributor data in place, if you decide to upgrade your subscription, you'll be ready to place orders and add invoices with no extra setup.

Get Updated Inventory Report

After adding your missing costs, you can re-send the inventory email or a download a copy of the report with the updated information:

On the WISK Web Portal:

  1. Click "Inventories" > "Inventories"

  2. Click the "Details" button beside your completed inventory count

  3. Click "Actions", then select an option for the list. You can download copies of the report in PDF or XLS format, or resend the inventory report email to all recipients

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