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Introduction & Setup

When you start your first inventory count, the WISK app shows you a short video and in-app tutorial on how to add and count your items.

Afterwards, set up your inventory areas. We provide you with a "Main Bar" and "Stockroom" area by default, but you can add, edit, and delete areas as needed.

Tap an area to begin counting in it.

An arrow points to the

Scanning Item Barcodes

When you scan an item's barcode, it either:

  1. Has a match in our database and is added to your venue

  2. Doesn't have a match and you'll add the item details manually

Then you'll enter and submit the count.

You can count full units and cases, and either use the visual mode or the supported Bluetooth scale for partial bottles.

Items without Barcodes

If an item doesn't have a barcode, you can use our search or enter the item details manually.

For more in-depth information about your first inventory, please see:

Submitting the Inventory

When all areas are counted, tap "Review & submit inventory". You can make any necessary changes before submitting the final count.

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After submitting the inventory, you'll be emailed a copy of your inventory report. You can also view all completed inventory counts on the Inventories page of WISK Web Portal.

Note: If you noticed that you made a mistake after submitting your inventory, you can edit the count:

Next Steps

At this point you won't have all of your item costs added, so you'll need to enter those before getting your total inventory value.

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