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The Bar Inventory plan is for venues that need a quick and reliable inventory solution. With our database of over 200,000 bottles, just download the iOS app and start counting.

Our checklist takes you through 3 easy steps to make you an inventory pro:

  1. Complete your first inventory

  2. Add any missing item costs

  3. Complete your second inventory

Note: This checklist is for the "Bar Inventory" plan. If you are on "Essentials" or a higher tier, please see this one.

Before you Start

Before you start, you can add users to your venue, purchase a supported Bluetooth scale for more accurate measurements, or learn more about optional hardware:

Step 1 - Complete First Inventory

During the first inventory, you'll set up your areas and start counting. When you scan an item's barcode, it finds a match in our database and adds it to your venue. When finished, you'll receive your inventory report.

Step 2 - Add Missing Costs

After completing your first inventory, you'll add the costs of your items to get an accurate inventory value. You can then regenerate your inventory report.

As an optional step, you can also assign distributors to your items.

Step 3 - Complete Second Inventory

When taking your next count, save time by using the "Previous" list to see what you counted last time and update the amounts.

Moving Forward

After going through a full cycle, continue to take inventory counts on a regular schedule.

If you want to add additional features to your account, including adding invoices, integrating your POS, and getting consumption and variance data, consider upgrading your account.

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