How to Integrate Digital Dining POS

How to integrate your Digital Dining POS with WISK

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Digital Dining is a legacy POS system that was acquired by Heartland back in 2015. It is an entirely different system from Heartland and has a different integration process.

To integrate, you will need to contact your Digital Dining reseller and see if it's possible to set up a daily automatic export of your sales data/ product mix in .xls format to our FTP server.

When received, the sales data would then be uploaded into your account.

It is best to check with your Digital Dining provider / reseller beforehand to see if they have the capability to do this.

Note: Due to the nature of this integration, there is no standard process and the amount of time to set up will depend on your provider.

When ready to integrate your Digital Dining POS with WISK, please contact [email protected] to get more details including the credentials for our FTP server.

The WISK Support Team will walk you through the steps to complete the integration.

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