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How to integrate your Sysco Canada accounts with WISK
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To integrate your venue(s) in WISK with your Sysco Canada account(s), please contact your Sysco Canada representative.

Let your rep know which venues / locations that you wish to connect with WISK. Their team will perform the required setup to push your invoice data to WISK.

Once Sysco Canada has confirmed with you that the integration is complete, please contact WISK Support with your venue name(s) and Sysco Canada customer number(s).

Our team will then take care of the final steps to import the invoices into their corresponding venues.

You'll receive an email notification when invoices are imported into your venue(s) for the first time.

Imported invoices remain in a draft state until reviewed and approved, giving you full control over your venue's data.

To learn more, please see:

Note: When the integration is complete, the distributor name appears as "Sysco-CA". You can edit the name to add anything after that, but "Sysco-CA" must remain. For example "Sysco-CA Account".

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