Restaurant Manager is a POS system that is sold by hundreds of local authorized resellers all around the world. Regardless of the reseller that you do business with, the integration process is the same.

To import your sales data into WISK from Restaurant Manager:

  1. Contact your Restaurant Manager reseller via email and cc [email protected] or call

  2. Request to have your daily sales report sent to [email protected] in CSV format (this requires configuring Restaurant Manager’s Alerts and Messaging system to generate an automatic nightly export/email of “Sales by Item).

    The sales report needs to include the following columns:

    • Menu Item

    • Description

    • Item Quantity

    • Item Revenue

  3. Please notify our team by emailing [email protected] or messaging in the chat when the sales report email has been scheduled. The daily sales report will be uploaded to your account when it's received.

  4. You’ll receive a notification that the integration is complete when the sales are uploaded for the first time

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