If you place your orders by email to helloLicensee@LCBO.com, you must use the LCBO’s required template. When you place an order to the LCBO in WISK, it populates the template automatically.

Just generate your purchase order as usual in the WISK Web Portal or mobile app, and send the email. The filled out template will be attached.

To learn more about generating purchase orders, please see:

Note: Instead of sending the email directly to the LCBO, we recommend sending the order email to your address first to review the template, and add your Licensee # and street address.

The top half of the ordering form. It populates with the date and your venue name, but needs the Licensee # and street address.

You’ll see each item you added to the order, including the LCBO # and the amount requested.

The bottom half of the template showing the items that are being ordered.

You can then send the completed form to helloLicensee@LCBO.com and follow their procedures for making your payment:

Please be aware of the 1pm cut off time for next day delivery when placing your orders by email.

Note: We try to keep this ordering information as up-to-date as possible, but the LCBO may change their processes at any time. Please check their official website before sending your order.

Receiving the Order

When the order comes in, you’ll then add the invoice from the purchase order that you generated. You can do this in either the WISK Web Portal or mobile app. To learn more, please see:

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