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How WISK integrates with the LCBO Web Store (only available in the Greater Toronto Area)

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For venues located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), WISK integrates with the LCBO Web Store.

With the integration, you can:

  1. Get the latest pricing and product codes when adding LCBO items to your venue

  2. Import invoices from orders placed on the LCBO Web Store site automatically

If you don't use the LCBO Web Store, you can also generate orders in WISK and send them by email to your preferred store.

Import Invoices

If you place your orders to the LCBO on, WISK can pull those invoices into your account when the order is received.

To learn more please see:

Note: You’ll need to set up a customer profile with the LCBO before you can use the Web Store to place orders.

Email Ordering

If you generate a purchase order in WISK, you can then email it to the LCBO.

You may already have a designated/preferred store that you do business with and have their specific email address. You can also inquire with [email protected] if you're unsure.

For information about their order cut off times, see:

If it's your first time emailing an order, we recommend calling the store to confirm they have received it.

Note: For a period of time, the LCBO had a specific order template for email orders but to our knowledge they no longer use it. When you generate and send the order in WISK, it populates that template in addition to the contents in the body of the email.

When the order comes in, you’ll then add the invoice from the purchase order that you generated. You can do this in either the WISK Web Portal or mobile app. To learn more, please see:

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