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British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) Integration
British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) Integration

Place email orders to the BCLDB through WISK using the required template

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WISK’s integration with the BCLDB allows you to take orders you’ve prepared in WISK, and put them into the required format to be placed with the BCLDB.

Orders placed by email to the BCLDB Wholesale Customer Centre (WCC) must use their standardized order template.

When you place an email order to the WCC using WISK, it populates the order template automatically.

Just generate your purchase order as usual in the WISK Web Portal or mobile app, and send the email to your address. The filled out template will be attached.

We recommend sending the order email to your address first instead of the BCLDB to review the template, and add your Customer # and contact information.

Note: Make sure that you have added the BCLDB product SKUs to your items, since item names are not used on the ordering template.

After you have reviewed the template, you can send it to the WCC ([email protected])

For the most up-to-date information on placing orders with the WCC, please see:

To learn more about generating purchase orders in WISK, please see:

Receiving the Order

When the order comes in, you’ll then add the invoice from the purchase order that you generated. You can do this in either the WISK Web Portal or mobile app. To learn more, please see:

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