If you use Fintech for managing your alcohol supplier invoices, WISK can import those invoices directly into your venue.

The imported invoices remain in a draft state until you review and approve them, giving you full control over your venue’s data.

This is a significant time-saver as you won’t have to add each invoice manually, and reduces data-entry errors.

Note: The cost of the integration can be found on our Pricing page.

Starting the Integration

To integrate your Fintech account with WISK, send the following email message to implementation@fintech.net and cc support@wisk.ai.

“Hello Fintech,

We want to integrate our account with WISK by pushing invoices in CSV format to fintech@wisk.ai

Venue Name: {your venue’s name}

Address: {your venue’s street address}

Fintech ID: {your venue’s Fintech ID}

Thank you,”

Note: If you don’t have the Fintech ID, the street address should be enough for their team to identify your account.

Fintech will begin to send invoices to WISK from this point forward. If you want WISK to receive past invoices, in your email you can request how far back you want them to be sent.

Once Fintech has confirmed that they are sending the invoices to WISK, our team will complete the last steps to import them into your account automatically.

Reviewing & Approving Draft Invoices

As WISK receives invoices from Fintech, they will appear in your account as draft invoices. All of the data, including the supplier, items, costs, and their quantities is pre-populated.

All you need to do is review and approve them, and the invoice items are added to your inventory.

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