Integrating with WISK (For POS Providers)
How a POS provider can integrate their system with WISK
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If you’re a POS provider and would like to pursue an integration with WISK, please contact [email protected] to start the discussion.

Integration Process

To complete an integration, we require access to your:

  1. Sales API

  2. Product / Menu API (if available)

If you don’t have an API, we can also receive sales data through an automated daily sales report or product mix email.

At a minimum, the sales report/product mix needs to include the following information:

  • POS Code - the unique identifier code for an item in your POS system (if your POS doesn't use identifier codes, WISK will use the Item Name instead)

  • Item Name - the name of the menu item in the POS

  • Quantity Sold - the quantity sold of the menu item in the sales report period

  • Net Sales - the total dollar value of the menu item sales

The report should be in XLS or CSV format, and sent to [email protected].

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