Integrating with WISK (For POS Providers)

How a POS provider can integrate their system with WISK

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If you’re a POS provider and would like to pursue an integration with WISK, please contact [email protected] to start the discussion.

API Integration

To complete the integration and pull sales data into customer accounts, we require access to your:

  1. Sales API

  2. Product / Menu API (if available)

We also have an API available if you would prefer to push the sales data to our system. You can find the supporting documentation here.

Daily Sales / Product Mix Email

For POS systems that don’t have an API, we can also receive sales data through an automated daily sales report or product mix email.

At a minimum, the sales report/product mix needs to include the following information:

  • POS Code - the unique identifier code for an item in your POS system (if your POS doesn't use identifier codes, WISK will use the Item Name instead)

  • Item Name - the name of the menu item in the POS

  • Quantity Sold - the quantity sold of the menu item in the sales report period

  • Net Sales - the total dollar value of the menu item sales

The report should be in XLS or CSV format, and sent to [email protected].

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